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"Confession" stands as a provocative and deeply stirring piece by the artist Alexander Granger, whose work is celebrated for its audacious blend of classical motifs and contemporary themes. This piece juxtaposes the purity often associated with religious attire with elements of modern subculture, creating a visual discourse on the complexities of personal identity and societal norms.

Granger, a maverick in the world of modern art, employs his canvas to challenge viewers' preconceptions. His artistry reveals a fascination with the narrative power of images, engaging with the stories that lie beneath the surface of cultural icons and symbols.

Printed on thin wood, "Confession" is a testament to Granger's mastery of texture and detail. The wood grain itself becomes an integral part of the artwork, lending each piece a unique character that resonates with the organic undertones of the subject. The selective varnish applied to specific areas catches the light, creating a lifelike sheen and depth that invite closer inspection.

The artwork is offered in two distinct sizes, each including the frame, which serves as a bold counterpoint to the artwork it encases:

  • Medium: Height x Length – 53 x 73 cm
  • Large: Height x Length – 91 x 131 cm

"Confession" is framed without glass to allow the intricate details and textures to stand unabated, a decision that underscores the tangible and immediate presence of the work. This piece, with its compelling imagery and complex narrative, is a standout addition to any collection, perfect for those who appreciate art that sparks dialogue and transcends conventions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James Carlson
Love it!

Fell in love with it through the window walking through Barcelona. Had to order it online 3 month later!

Maria R
Wonderful painting, I loved it!

I went to the galleries in Barcelona and I regretted not buying it, but I ordered it on the website and it arrived in less than a week. I am delighted.