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Bad Mickey

Bad Mickey

"Bad Mickey" emerges as an audacious work of art by the eclectic Alexander Granger, a piece that encapsulates the fusion of vintage animation with a contemporary, rebellious spirit. This artwork features an iconic character reimagined with an air of whimsy and a hint of defiance. The character's timeless design is rendered with a cracked, textured effect, conveying a story of endurance through the ages.

Alexander Granger, with his distinctive artistic voice, reinterprets familiar figures with a bold new narrative. His artistry lies in layering meanings and aesthetics, inviting onlookers to explore the dichotomies of historical symbolism and modern-day commentary.

This particular piece is skillfully printed on thin wood, enhancing the visual impact with a natural grain that complements its rustic charm. The selective use of varnish intensifies certain elements of the image, allowing them to catch the light and stand out, offering a dynamic viewing experience from every angle.

"Bad Mickey" is available in two sizes to suit varying spaces and preferences:

  • Medium: Height x Length – 53 x 73 cm (Include frame)
  • Large: Height x Length – 91 x 131 cm  (Include frame)

Without the barrier of glass, the texture and detail are palpable, inviting the viewer to engage with the artwork's tactile nature. The wooden print is framed to perfection, ready to adorn the walls of those who appreciate the allure of classic animation reenvisioned through a contemporary lens. Whether as a centerpiece or a striking addition to a collection, "Bad Mickey" is sure to evoke conversation and admiration.

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