A Journey of Love, Art, and Accessibility

Funky Art Gallery by Chigabiga, nestled in the heart of Barcelona, is more than just an art gallery—it's the embodiment of a love story and a shared passion for art. Founded by Shay Frengi Castro and Paula Queiroz Bentes, partners for 16 years and proud parents of two, this gallery is a testament to their journey together and their vision for accessible art.

Shay and Paula's story began in 2009 at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Both were captivated by a vibrant pop art sculpture, leading to a conversation that revealed their mutual love for colorful, unconventional art. This serendipitous meeting marked the beginning of their lifelong journey together, filled with visits to museums and galleries worldwide, always drawn to pop art and contemporary pieces that stood out from the ordinary.

Having lived in Barcelona for the past 15 years, Shay and Paula have amassed extensive experience in retail through various businesses. Three years ago, while searching for unique decorations for their new home, they discovered a gap in the market. They couldn't find a gallery in Barcelona that offered a wide range of funky, modern, and affordable pop art. This realization sparked the idea for Funky Art Gallery.

Driven by their passion and entrepreneurial spirit, they set out to create a gallery that would make contemporary, vibrant art accessible to everyone. They traveled to art shows and fairs across Europe, connecting with talented artists to showcase their work and provide them with a platform to reach a wider audience. Their efforts culminated in the opening of Funky Art Gallery two years ago.

Since its inception, Funky Art Gallery has been a resounding success. Art enthusiasts from all over the globe flock to the gallery, drawn by its unique well curated collection and affordable prices. The positive feedback from visitors affirms Shay and Paula's belief that they have created something special and much-needed.

Their mission is clear: to democratize art and make it available to all, regardless of budget. This vision is encapsulated in their slogan, "ART FOR EVERYONE." Looking ahead, Shay and Paula aim to expand Funky Art Gallery to major cities worldwide, bringing their distinctive blend of funky, pop art to a global audience.

Whether you're an art lover or simply looking to add a touch of vibrancy to your space, Funky Art Gallery by Chigabiga welcomes you to explore a world where art is not just for the few, but for everyone.